About Us

Welcome to Myapapaya juicery + kitchen, Fort Lauderdale’s first cold pressed juicery and fresh kitchen. Serving the freshest sandwiches, organic salads, small batch soups and raw cold pressed juice. All in order to energize, nourish, purify and revive your body.
The energy created here will awaken each and every one of your senses the moment you walk through the door. Myapapaya is an idea, a way of life, a way in which you can enjoy the taste of whole all natural cuisine inside a down to earth cozy atmosphere.
An open-concept kitchen is the centerpiece and it offers diners a peek at renowned Chef Adam Kanner in action. Indulge in wholesome contemporary cuisine that comprises innovative whole quality ingredients to please all types from vegetarian to local favorites….all prepared with lots of love and a gentle hand to retain the ingredients’ natural goodness and flavours.
At Myapapaya juicery + kitchen we believe in conscious dining where the consumer is empowered to know what they are consuming. The idea carries through in the way the ingredients are thoughtfully selected and prepared, to ensure that the fresh premium produce retains its natural goodness and flavours. No deep fat frying or microwaves are found here. Myapapaya caters to discerning diners who seek a healthy wholesome meal without compromising on taste and presentation.
Myapapaya juicery + kitchen infuses gourmet flavours with the right balance of nutritious and health-giving benefits!