Preparing for your Cleanse

While 3 days of the freshest and most nutritious cold pressed juices will do wonders for your health, it is equally important to prepare, cleanse and finish gradually for optimal results. This is why we like to think of our 3 day juice cleanse as really a total of 7 days.  Yes, this is one whole week of loving your body so it will love you back and reward you with moving toward your health goals. Think of this detox like going on a mini vacation from getting beaten up at work all week to spending seven days on pure, nutritional bliss island.  How do you think your body will repay you for such a treat?

What happens if I jump on and off my 3 day cleanse without preparing, detoxing and finishing as suggested? You will still benefit greatly from 3 days of just juices and nut mylks.  However, you may experience detox symptoms to a greater degree than necessary. Some rapid detox symptoms include headaches, lethargy and upset stomach. We suggest preparing, detoxing and finishing as suggested for optimal results and less discomfort.


To be successful at anything, preparation is key. The reason you are doing this cleanse in the first place is most likely because you want to reach your health goals.  As you know with any goal that is important to you, it is best to get clear about what your vision is and become committed (like a professional) to accomplishing it. This is the same with any health goal including cleansing the body.

1) Get clear about your vision for this cleanse, write it down and keep it where you can see it often.

2) At least two days before you actually start the cleanse, it is wise to start replacing foods, drinks and lifestyle choices that don’t serve your health with ones that do.  This eases your body into a 3-day juice cleanse gently so that you don’t shock yourself with some possible uncomfortable cleanse symptoms.

At least 2 Days before the 3-day Juice Cleanse

Diet and Lifestyle


-Animal products (red meat, fish, chicken, eggs)

-Processed sugar, high fructose corn syrup

-Artificial sweeteners

-Processed foods (such as pasta, bread, soy products, pre-packaged salads, soups and dressing)

-Coffee and black tea (suggestion: switch to caffeinated green tea at least a week before juice detox and stop drinking caffeinated green tea all together at least two days before juice detox)





-Refined flour

-Raw fish

-Fried foods

-Over salting your food (no table salt)


-Eating poorly combined foods when you know they stress your system (fruit with protein or starch with grains, for example)

-Eating before bed


-Stress, lack of sleep, sedentary lifestyle, people who drain your energy (as much as possible)



-Stevia, honey, agave, grade B maple syrup and brown rice syrup

-Herbal tea, hot water with lemon

-Raw, unsalted nuts (if they agree with you

-Fruit for breakfast (always eat melons alone or leave them alone)

-Fruit mmoothies with a water or nut mylk base (no dairy)

-Fresh fruit juices

-Gluten free grains such as quinoa, amaranth, teff, millet, whole grain wild and brown rice

-Veggies, raw and steamed

-Salads and greens

-Root vegetables such as sweet potato, parsnip and burdock

-Homemade salad dressings such as lemon and olive oil, apple cider vinegar or orange juice based dressing

-Homemade vegetable soups

-A small amount of sea salt

-Olive oil, coconut oil, herbs and spices (without added preservatives)

-Eat until you’re comfortably full

-Eat no later than two hours before bed

-Moderate exercise

-Natural light

-At least 2 liters of water per day

-Quality sleep

-Yoga and other stress reducing activities

Thank you so much for joining us…we look forward to your journey over the next few days!