Why a juice cleanse?

What would be better than picking your favorite produce and eating it right from the land?  How about a delectable mix of the most nutritious and delicious produce on the planet prepared in a juice for you?  This is the sensation and experience you have when you drink Myapapaya’s organic, cold press juices.   Through a slow and careful process of hydraulically extracting fruit and vegetable juice, you not only get the highest quality plant-based nutrition available, you also get the freshest tasting juice possible.
Cold press juicers use just enough pressure to extract the juice while preserving its vitamins, enzymes, trace minerals and overall nutrients up to five times more than any other juicer.  Because cold press juicing is so precise with its process of extraction, there is minimal air and heat so very little oxidation occurs. This means you can enjoy our cold pressed juice up to 3 days after extraction!
When you drink Myapapaya’s raw, unpasteurized cold pressed juices you are cleansing the body of impurities with the highest quality nutrients possible. Our juices naturally boost your immunity, making you feel rejuvenated, full of energy, healthy, balanced and excited to be alive!