Ordering Policy

Ordering Policy


Myapapaya is a locally owned and operated business.  Our commitment is to provide you with the freshest possible product at all times. Raw, unpasteurized, fresh pressed just for you. Committing to a cleanse program requires a high level of dedication on your part and we require at least 24 hours notice to prepare this for you.

Payment for cleanses must be charged at time of order. Due to our commitment to quality, and the extra labor that goes into preparing your cleanse for you, our policy is that all cancellations or changes must be received no less than two (2) calendar days before your start date.  If cancellation is not received within this time frame we will refund  your total payment less a 30% cancellation fee.  If cancellations or changes are made within the given time period then you will receive a credit that can be applied to your next order.


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